150 Years C-H-Wolf

12.06.2018 11:39

150 Jahre C-H-Wolf

The 150th anniversary of the watchmaker Carl Heinrich Wolf on 31.5.2018 in Glashütte, Saxony was a success. We thank all sponsors, media representatives, business partners, friends and lovers of C.H. Wolf watches. In particular, we sincerely thank Mr. Reichelt, Director of the German Watch Museum and Mr. Zhao Xu, Goshi Investment as the new Chinese distributor. We thank the artists Gaojing and Luo Hongwu and all other musicians for their performances. The Kaiserbrauerei, represented by its managing director Mr. Kumpf and the company Dr. Ing. Heigel Winery from Franken provided the approximately 50 guests with beer, wine and Prosecco. The vernissage of the German-Chinese artist Mr. Li Heng showed the element of precision as a commonality between paintings and clocks. Last but not least, we would like to thank the Managing Director Mr. Wintermantel from VPC and the Chinese-German make-up artist Honglai for their kind support. At this event, all guests got to know German precision in watchmaking. You, dear guests, and we too have learned how much respect this craft deserves, and we will do everything we can to establish C.H. Wolf as a brand that combines tradition with modernity.

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