07.01.2017 14:42

Tower clock factory

At the age of 22, he became self-employed as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Glashütte. In 1866, he founded a mechanical workshop in Glashütte for the production of tower clocks and drives, telegraph apparatuses and racks.

After the great fires in Glashütte towards the end of the 1860s, he built new workshops for his company diagonally opposite the German watchmaker's school, today's Glashütte Clock Museum. In 1871 he settled down in the “Feldstrasse 2”. In the main line, the company was a supplier of telegraph apparatuses, drive and registration works of all kinds; One of the most important clients was the Berlin-based company Siemens & Halske, as well as many other of the world's most prestigious companies.

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