06.01.2017 14:46

Tower clock of the town church of Wehlen

A well-known tower clock of the company adorned since 1883 the local church of the town Wehlen in the Saxon Switzerland. The here shown tower clock of the town church of Wehlen was manufactured in 1883 by the Glahütter company "C. H. Wolf ". The robust mechanics has already been in operation for remarkable 130 years, showing the municipality the time. It withstood the German Empire, the First World War, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, 1945, the zero hour after the Second World War and the GDR. In the Federal Republic of Germany it was refurbished in 1999 and retrofitted with a "force-saving" electric weight lift, which triggers every 6 hours, at 3, 9, 15 and 21 o'clock. A button on the striking mechanism is actuated each time the last hour is reached, and the weights are applied one after the other. Between 10:15 pm and 06:45 am, the hammers who perform the full hour Strike are automatically pulled up to ensure the night rest. The clock is in an excellent condition and works reliably, hopefully for a very long time, to the delight of Wehlener citizens and their guests

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