04.01.2017 14:59

C. H. Wolf & Sons/Glashütte

In 1900, at the turn of the century, Carl Heinrich Wolf laid the fate of the company in the hands of his son Heinrich Georg Wolf. When his two sons, Ottomar and Georg, joined the firm as a partner, the company was named "C. H. Wolf & Söhne / Glashütte". The Wolf family lived in the house Ortsl. No. 110 (today, “Hauptstrasse 18”), on the site of which also the workshop and later the factory building were located. With the merger of the workshop with LIWOS the family moved to the location of the new company. Carl Heinrich Wolf lived at the “Markt 17” for the last years of his life. Today the watchmaker C. H. Wolf is located in the main building.

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